Photo Gallery


Here I am with the talented
Trevor Ashley from (Star of Pricilla the stage show)
at Slides Supper Club in my show Live and intimate

singin'..&  dancin' at
The Mo Awards on 15/6/09'
Maria was 'frilled to thrill' at this years TV Week...Logies....SBS's top rating Comedy "Pizza' being nominated.
That's a Venuti designer outfit and Neil Greig hat....causing a riot at the Melbourne Cup last year.
Here's Venuti with her 'Wild Game Outfit' another succesful fundraiser for The Cornucopia Committee...... her friend Glenn T looking suitably in awe!!
Rubbing 'shoulders' with the Royals, Prince Frrederick and Princess Mary of Denmark
Now here is a 'real' papparazzi shot....obviously had no idea it was being taken!!!
'upfront' with her dream car!!

Queen of the Dessert...
(the Camel Whisperer!)


Maria's Music
"Just one of those things" 3min 37 sec (approx 1.7mb)

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